Photography & Videography

Walk The West

Walk the West

Walk the West is a vintage store in Greenpoint Brooklyn. Walk the West transpired when Clotilde and her best friend Aimie decided to run a vintage brand in both New York and London. Combining their married surnames, Walker and West, Clotilde and Aimie branded as Walk the West, a vintage boutique specializing in collectable pieces from the U.S., London, Italy, France and Germany. You can find more information on their Instagram @walkthewest.


Walk the West regularly needs content created for them. I was asked to produce stills for their social feed and promotional goods. Every time they post a high quality still image of a piece, they make a sale. 

Vignette Series 

Walk the West wanted to experiment with video content as I was shooting stills. I directed the model to simply move amongst the natural environment. The natural flow of the dresses goes well with the waves and juxtaposing rocks.

Vignette Series (Cont.)

I created a video for each of the looks we had that day. They are simple but powerful as they evoke a mood to the consumer. Each video was done in one take and edited to suit the mood of the changing natural environment.