Photography & Videography

LOLI Beauty

LOLI Beauty

The story of LOLI (living organic loving ingredients) started with Tina Hedges' need to stir up beauty. After seeing that most beauty brands were %95 water, synthetic, and preservatives - Hedges' created LOLI to provide what really nourishes. LOLI is a straight to consumer brand that needs an amazing social & web presence to bring it's products to life. My work with LOLI has helped create a world in which their mission and products live. Find out more at


In working with LOLI, I was tasked with creating content for both their brand new website and their social channels. My main ways of showing LOLI were through the transformation of ingredients, products in use, and within several lifestyle environments.

Instructional Videos

The products that LOLI provides have a learning curve. I created fun and short instructional videos for their bases and mix ins. These are integral for the consumer to understand LOLI and their product ecosystem.

Testimonial Videos

With these testimonial videos, we broke down the fourth wall. We allowed to show that the models were real people. This level of intimacy allows LOLI to stand out amongst other brands in the wellness and self care sphere. 

Social Videos

Social media requires a level of instant to be successful. Cutting influencer style media so that it can be a sponsored post, quickly, is key to the brands success.


Creating new and interesting types of content is always necessary in our ever changing world. A cinemagraph is a moving photo that can be used across several social channels with an eye catching effect.