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A UK based travel brand, Ebookers, has been around for quite some time. They help travelers have the experience they desire. Ebookers has a blog that suggests an itinerary to for all types of travelers. Whether you are young, have kids or are traveling later in life, Ebookers has the trip for you. To learn more about Ebookers you can visit


For their most recent online spots, I was tasked with creating stills to populate the blog posts and sponsored social ads. The content spans two NYC boroughs and multiple times of day. We shot all 3 videos and all of the stills within one day. You can visit one such example post here.

Ad Spot 1: NYC like a local

When working with Ebookers, we had to work with talent in all different age ranges across the city. This first spot was based in Brooklyn.

Ad Spot 3: NYC with kids

Finally, we had to work with a family in multiple locations. This was the longest part of the day and incorporated indoors as well as outdoors elements to illustrate the story of traveling with kids.

Ad Spot 2: Heritage NYC

Our next location was downtown Manhattan. We were tasked with working in a run and gun situation. We had to work as quickly as possible as light was fading fast.